Season 2
Star Trek
26 EPISODES • 1967
Season 2 of Star Trek was released on September 15 and consists of 26 episodes.

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1: Amok Time
Sep 15, 1967
First Officer Spock returns to his home world for a brutal Vulcan mating ritual.
2: Who Mourns for Adonais?
Sep 22, 1967
The crew of the Enterprise are held captive by an alien who turns out to be the Greek god Apollo.
3: The Changeling
Sep 29, 1967
The crew of the USS Enterprise deals with an indestructible planet-destroying space probe.
4: Mirror, Mirror
Oct 6, 1967
A transporter mishap swaps Captain Kirk and his companions with their evil counterparts in a parallel universe. In the so-called Mirror Universe, the Enterprise is a ship of the Terran Empire, an organization as evil as the United Federation of Planets is benevolent.
5: The Apple
Oct 13, 1967
The crew of the Enterprise visits a mysterious paradisical planet controlled by a computer that is served by the local inhabitants.
6: The Doomsday Machine
Oct 20, 1967
The starship Enterprise and its heavily-damaged sister ship, the USS Constellation, must work together to stop an alien planet-killing machine headed for the heart of Federation territory.
7: Catspaw
Oct 27, 1967
Two powerful aliens threaten the well-being of the Enterprise and her crew.
8: I, Mudd
Nov 3, 1967
Captain Kirk has a second run-in with the conman, Harry Mudd. Mudd is now the supreme ruler of a planet of androids who cater to his every whim.
9: Metamorphosis
Nov 10, 1967
A shuttle crew from the USS Enterprise encounters a man out of history and his mysterious alien companion.
10: Journey to Babel
Nov 17, 1967
The Enterprise must transport dignitaries to a peace conference, with an assassin on the loose.
11: Friday's Child
Dec 1, 1967
The crew of the Enterprise become entangled in a planet's tribal power struggle.
12: The Deadly Years
Dec 8, 1967
Strange radiation exposes the command crew of the Enterprise to the effects of rapid aging.
13: Obsession
Dec 15, 1967
Captain James T. Kirk becomes obsessed with destroying a deadly entity he once encountered in his youth.
14: Wolf in the Fold
Dec 22, 1967
A series of bizarre murders points to Mr. Scott as the prime suspect.
15: The Trouble With Tribbles
Dec 29, 1967
The Enterprise must protect a very important shipment of grain from both Klingons and some adorable creatures called tribbles.
16: The Gamesters of Triskelion
Jan 5, 1968
Captain Kirk and his companions are abducted into slavery and trained to fight as gladiators for the gambling entertainment of three disembodied beings.
17: A Piece of the Action
Jan 12, 1968
The Enterprise visits a planet with an Earth-like 1920s gangster culture.
18: The Immunity Syndrome
Jan 19, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise encounters an energy-draining field which may be able to destroy the galaxy.
19: A Private Little War
Feb 2, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise discovers Klingon interference in the development of a formerly peaceful planet and is forced to help maintain a balance of power.
20: Return to Tomorrow
Feb 9, 1968
Ancient alien minds are given control of Captain Kirk's and First Officer Spock's bodies.
21: Patterns of Force
Feb 16, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise tracks down a Federation observer on a planet dominated by a "Naziesque" regime.
22: By Any Other Name
Feb 23, 1968
Beings from another galaxy commandeer the Enterprise in an attempt to return home.
23: The Omega Glory
Mar 1, 1968
Captain Kirk must find the cure to a deadly disease and put an end to another Starfleet captain's cultural interference.
24: The Ultimate Computer
Mar 8, 1968
A skeleton Enterprise crew are assigned to test a revolutionary computer system that is given total control of the ship.
25: Bread and Circuses
Mar 15, 1968
The Enterprise crew investigates the disappearance of a ship's crew on a planet that is a modern version of the Roman Empire.
26: Assignment: Earth
Mar 29, 1968
While back in time observing Earth in 1968, the Enterprise crew encounters the mysterious Gary Seven who has his own agenda on the planet.
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