Season 3
Star Trek
24 EPISODES • 1968
Season 3 of Star Trek was released on September 20 and consists of 24 episodes.

Season 2


1: Spock's Brain
Sep 20, 1968
An alien female beams aboard the ship and, after incapacitating the rest of the crew, surgically removes Spock's brain. Kirk and the crew have just hours to locate and replace it before Spock's body dies.
2: The Enterprise Incident
Sep 27, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise are on a secret mission to steal a Romulan cloaking device.
3: The Paradise Syndrome
Oct 4, 1968
An alien device on a primitive planet erases Captain Kirk's memory, and he begins a new life with the planet's indigenous people.
4: And the Children Shall Lead
Oct 11, 1968
On a distant planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find a scientific team dead, and their children who, unknown to the crew, have great powers at their disposal.
5: Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Oct 18, 1968
The Enterprise travels with an alien ambassador whose appearance induces madness.
6: Spectre of the Gun
Oct 25, 1968
Having been found trespassers into Melkotian space, Captain Kirk and his companions are sent to die in a re-enactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
7: Day of the Dove
Nov 1, 1968
An alien force drives the crew of the Enterprise into brutal conflict with the Klingons.
8: For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
Nov 8, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise rush to stop an asteroid from colliding with a Federation world, but discover the asteroid is actually an inhabited generation ship.
9: The Tholian Web
Nov 15, 1968
Captain Kirk is caught between dimensions while the crew of the Enterprise works to retrieve him. All the while, the Tholians demand that the Enterprise leave their space.
10: Plato's Stepchildren
Nov 22, 1968
The crew of the Enterprise encounters an ageless and sadistic race of humanoids with the power of telekinesis and who claim to have organized their society around Ancient Greek ideals.
11: Wink of an Eye
Nov 29, 1968
Invisible "time-accelerated" aliens take over the Enterprise and attempt to abduct the crew for use as "genetic stock".
12: The Empath
Dec 6, 1968
While visiting a doomed planet, the landing party is subject to torturous experiments by powerful aliens.
13: Elaan of Troyius
Dec 20, 1968
The USS Enterprise ferries a spoiled princess whose betrothal to a royal Troyian is hoped will bring peace to a star system at war.
14: Whom Gods Destroy
Jan 3, 1969
Captain Kirk faces off with a demented shape-shifting starship captain determined to control the universe.
15: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Jan 10, 1969
The Enterprise encounters two duo-chromatic and mutually belligerent aliens who put the ship in the middle of their old conflict.
16: The Mark of Gideon
Jan 17, 1969
A race of overpopulated aliens abduct Captain Kirk to solve their problem.
17: That Which Survives
Jan 24, 1969
Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu are stranded on a barren planet where a mysterious woman attempts to kill them one at a time, while the Enterprise must travel halfway across the galaxy to rescue them.
18: The Lights of Zetar
Jan 31, 1969
Strange incorporeal aliens threaten the Memory Alpha station and the Enterprise.
19: Requiem for Methuselah
Feb 14, 1969
The crew of the Enterprise encounter an immortal human in this science fiction variation on Shakespeare's The Tempest.
20: The Way to Eden
Feb 21, 1969
The Enterprise picks up a group of space "hippies" looking for Eden.
21: The Cloud Minders
Feb 28, 1969
Captain Kirk races against time to acquire plague-fighting minerals from a world in the midst of a civil uprising against a grievous social class disparity.
22: The Savage Curtain
Mar 7, 1969
Aliens force Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock to join forces with "Abraham Lincoln" and "Surak" to battle villains in a contest of good vs. evil.
23: All Our Yesterdays
Mar 14, 1969
Kirk, Spock and McCoy are trapped in two parts of another planet's past - a world threatened with destruction when its sun goes supernova.
24: Turnabout Intruder
Jun 3, 1969
The Enterprise is in danger when Janice Lester, one of Kirk's former lovers, steals his body.
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