Season 5
22 EPISODES • 1990
Season 5 of Amen was released on November 17 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 4


1: Love, Deacon Style
Nov 17, 1990
On her six-month anniversary, Thelma feels neglected because Reuben is teaching night school.
2: Two Men, One Woman and a Baby
Dec 1, 1990
After a woman is car-jacked, with her baby still in the car with the theif, the thief drops the baby off on the doorsteps of the First Community Church. And since Thelma has no children of her own, whe makes plans to become the child's foster mother, against objections from the deacon and the Rev. Soon the child even begins to soften the deacon's stand. But in the end, Thelma is determined to hold onto the baby. . . until the child's mother shows up. Meanwhile, Deacon Frye is tax audited and owes Uncle Sam a large sum of money.
3: Child's Play
Dec 8, 1990
Frye establishes a day care center called ""Deaconland.""
4: Yo, Deak
Dec 15, 1990
Frye takes in a trouble-prone teen, a would-be rapper dubbed ""Clarence So Fine.""
5: Miracle on 134th Street (1)
Dec 22, 1990
Frye backs a man claiming to be Santa Claus. (Part 1 of 2)
6: Miracle on 134th Street (2)
Dec 22, 1990
7: Judge Deacon Frye
Dec 29, 1990
Newly appointed to the bench, power-drunk Judge Frye aims to throw the book at all who come before him.
8: The Gospel Truth
Jan 5, 1991
Reuben's visiting niece reveals she's leaving seminary school to become a singer, and Frye enters her in a gospelfest.
9: Lights, Camera, Deacon
Jan 12, 1991
Frye sees publicity in a televised trial involving writer-comedian Steve Allen in a suit against a fried-chicken mogul.
10: Unforgettable
Jan 19, 1991
Frye dates a beautiful and much younger environmentalist.
11: Ernie and the Sublimes
Feb 2, 1991
The deacon reassembles his '50s doo-wop group for a benefit.
12: The Deacon's Slam Dunk
Feb 9, 1991
Frye and Ruben both try to intervene when the Deacon's pro basketball player client, wants to marry Amelia and move to Italy. Will Love intervene instead and short-circuit the deacon's plans?
13: Three Men and a Hammer
Feb 23, 1991
Rapper MC Hammer has a dual role as a flamboyant minister and as himself, busting a move to keep Clarence in school. Guard: Jacques Apollo Bolton. Clarence: Bumper Robinson. Rev. Gregory: Clifton Davis.
14: Nothin' Says Lovin' ...
Mar 2, 1991
15: My Fair Homeboy
Mar 9, 1991
16: A Star is Burned
Mar 23, 1991
Thelma gets her own TV cooking show.
17: Deak-Scam
Mar 30, 1991
Judge Frye visits an old nemesis who tries to set him up in a sting operation. The judge is offered a large sum of money to alter the outcome of a certain case he presides over. And while everyone watches him on film, Judge Frye must make one of the toughest decisions of his life: whether to be honest and turn the money down, or enjoy the spice of life, with all that cash!
18: The Wild Deak
Apr 6, 1991
19: Three's a Crowd
Apr 13, 1991
Deacon Frye dates a teacher Clarence likes, and the 2 begin to bump heads.
20: Date with an Angel
Apr 27, 1991
At an auction, an insufferable woman wins a date with Frye.
21: Deliverance (1)
May 4, 1991
Frye and Clarence try raising church funds by dating wealthy Darla and her equally unattractive granddaughter Darletta.
22: Deliverance (2)
May 11, 1991
Appearances by James Brown and Lloyd Price aren't the only surprises during a telethon to save the church: Thelma delivers a baby boy. (Part 2 of 2) Her delivery overdue, Thelma attends a telethon.
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