Season 4
23 EPISODES • 1989
Season 4 of Amen was released on September 16 and consists of 23 episodes.

Season 3


1: Thelma Frye, Dough Girl
Sep 16, 1989
Home on leave, Thelma attempts Christmas dinner.
2: The Engagement
Sep 23, 1989
Nobody in the First Community Church can keep a secret. When word gets out that Ruben is about to propose marriage to Thelma, the whole congregation drops what they were doing, and shows up at the church to witness the blessed event. But when the deadline comes and goes, and Rev Gregory doesnt make his move, everyone wonders if it will ever happen.
3: Where There's A Will
Sep 30, 1989
The Deacon's estranged father-in-law, who once disowned the Fryes, lies on his deathbed and tries to reconcile with the Deacon by leaving him an inheritance. But all bets are off when Grandpa Tillman begins to recover.
4: Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine
Oct 14, 1989
Everyone thinks Thelma needs help holding on to her man when the svelte ex-fiance of the Reverend's, Maxine Varnay, comes to Philadelphia and makes a beeline for the Reverend, intending to rekindle a love affair.
5: Who Am I?
Oct 21, 1989
After tripping and falling during a fishing trip, Thelma looses her memory and can't remember who she is. She can't remeber that the Deacon is her father, and she forgets that she is in love with Ruben. To compensate, she takes on new personality and begins dating another man.
6: Witness for the Defense
Oct 28, 1989
Frye gets his first big murder case.
7: TV or Not TV
Nov 4, 1989
As the congregation prepares for a TV appearance showcasing Sunday services, a street gang terrorizes the neighborhood and threatens to stop Rev. Gregory from delivering his sermon.
8: Don't Rain on My Shower
Nov 11, 1989
Thelma goes overboard at her bridal shower to impress her high school nemesis with reports that she's living the good life.
9: Thelma Says, I Do
Nov 18, 1989
Everything goes wrong that could possibly go wrong on Thelma's wedding day; the wrong wedding dress is delivered to the house and Rev. Gregory comes down with wedding-day jitters.
10: You're in the Army Now (Part 1)
Nov 25, 1989
Thelma joins the Army, intending to become one lean, mean fighting machine. (Part 1 of 2)
11: You're in the Army Now (Part 2)
Dec 2, 1989
Rev. Gregory and the Deacon pay a visit to the Army base after a tough drill sergeant denies misguided private Thelma a weekend pass.
12: Sergeant in Arms
Dec 6, 1989
Fearing he's lost Thelma to Sgt. Burke, Rev. Gregory puts up a fight when she comes home on a weekend pass with the sergeant in tow.
13: Thelma Frye, Dough Girl
Dec 16, 1989
Thelma is home on a weekend pass for the Christmas holiday, which affords her the perfect opportunity to be the perfect hostess, the perfect cook and the perfect wife-to-be for Rev. Gregory.
14: The Roast
Jan 13, 1990
Deacon Frye is the subject of an honorary roast.
15: The Roast
Jan 13, 1990
Deacon Frye is the subject of an honorary roast.
16: The Deacon and the Mother-in-Law
Jan 27, 1990
Frye entertains Reuben's mother in Atlantic City.
17: The Wedding
Feb 3, 1990
Thelma and Reuben are finally ready to tie the knot, but the minister isn't: a sedative puts him to sleep during the ceremony and there are no other ministers available to perform the ceremony.
18: The Honeymoon
Feb 10, 1990
Plans for a Hawaiian honeymoon sour like yesterday's poi when a man tries to jump from the ledge of Thelma and Reuben's hotel suite.
19: The Talent Show
Feb 12, 1990
20: Moving In
Feb 17, 1990
A lonely Deacon makes a pest of himself after the newlyweds return home from their honeymoon, and Thelma makes a huge mess when she tries to flambe' a chicken at her first dinner party.
21: Deacon's Dilemma
Feb 24, 1990
The Deacon swears off defending sleazy clients after he falls for the new assistant minister, who thinks he is a perfect Christian man, and looks to him for inspiration. So much so, that she decides to make a drastic change in her life so she can be a help to her fellow man, just like the Deacon.
22: Who's Sorry Now?
Mar 17, 1990
The Deacon and Amelia trade insults in and out of the courtroom after Amelia trips on the Deacon's steps and breaks her foot.
23: Who's Sorry Now?
Mar 17, 1990
The Deacon and Amelia trade insults in and out of the courtroom after Amelia trips on the Deacon's steps and breaks her foot.
Season 5
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