Season 4
The Flip Wilson Show
18 EPISODES • 1973
Season 4 of The Flip Wilson Show was released on September 20 and consists of 18 episodes.

Season 3


1: Buddy Hackett, Ruth Buzzi, Richard Pryor, William Attmore II
Sep 20, 1973
Flip tells about Leroy the Terrible and gives his guests a long intro. Child musician William Attmore does several routines with Flip. Flip shares a hospital room with Buddy Hackett with Richard as an agent, Ruth the nurse.
2: The Pointer Sisters, Monty Hall, Sandy Duncan, William Windom
Sep 27, 1973
Flip and the Pointer Sisters reminisce with the siblings singing about the good old days. Monty serves up Let's Make A Deal with Windom as announcer and Geraldine a contestant. The Pointers return for a rousing scat number.
3: Richard Pryor, Booby Sandler, Ralph Edwards, Nat Purefoy
Oct 4, 1973
Flip tries to impress a lady with outrageous tales but Pryor, as his friend Calvin, starts telling even more outlandish stories. Ralph Edwards hosts a This is Your Life with Flip as Geraldine being the show's focus.
4: Redd Foxx, Joan Rivers
Oct 11, 1973
Joan Rivers acts as a superstitious gambler who wants Flip's seat at the blackjack table which he's reluctant to give up. Then Flip becomes a street painter trying to make it big with Redd as his subject. Helen sings.
5: Leonard Nimoy, Tonald Mingo
Oct 18, 1973
6: Burns & Schreiber, Falumi Prince, Harry Belafonte
Oct 25, 1973
Flip is a street tie salesman and enlists Harry Belafonte to bring in customers. Harry then performs a soulful ballad. Flip becomes Geraldine, going on a Caribbean vacation where she engages with Burns and Schreiber.
7: Slappy White, Carol Lawrence, Robert Goulet
Nov 1, 1973
Flip does corny vaudeville routines with guests Slappy and Robert then Carol Lawrence does an old time burlesque dance. Carol recreates with Flip, her husband Robert and audience members a Hollywood production number.
8: Lee Grant, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Andrew Johnson, Hank Aaron
Nov 15, 1973
Flip explains baseball to Hank Aaron then he directs Lee Grant, a supposedly ordinary housewife, in a TV ad. Hank appears at a BBQ joint run by Flip and Gladys. Gladys and her Pips groove to "Midnight Train to Georgia."
9: Tim Conway, Richard Pryor & Roman K
Nov 29, 1973
Flip tells of a man trying to get his mother-in-law to leave. Mental illusionist Romark performs with audience participation. Flip, Tim Conway, and Richard Pryor do improve with one chair as a prop.
10: Tim Conway, Stiller & Meara, Aretha Franklin
Dec 13, 1973
Flip opens with a Reverend Freddie story, then deals with Tim as a beserk fast food clown. Jerry Stiller is a dentist with Anne Meara his reluctant patient. Aretha Franklin soulfully croons "Mr. Pain."
11: Burns & Schreiber, The Fifth Dimension
Dec 20, 1973
Flip, in his Reverend Leroy persona, visits old friends Burns and Schreiber who are now monks. Flip tries to include himself in a Fifth Dimension number but they perform "Flashback " without him.
12: Anthony Newley, Jack Klugman, Roscoe Lee Brown, Franklin Ajaye
Dec 27, 1973
Flip, Anthony, and Roscoe Lee do a bit about mistaken identity at a restaurant. Later Flip is a horse trainer that needs to substitute one horse for another with Roscoe Lee's help.
13: Philip Paley, Ted Knight, Chuck Norris
Jan 3, 1974
Chuck Norris's appearance is solely as the karate instructor accompanying a 9 year old black belt who interacts with Flip. Chuck is introduced as his instructor and that is all. Look for quick shot of Michael Jackson (with afro) sitting in audience.
14: Roy Clark, Bobby Sandler, Melba Moore
Jan 10, 1974
Roy is a customer at Flip's greasy spoon diner. Then Roy sings two songs including "Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms" with the Clark Family Band. Flip tries to romance Melba in a record store then she belts out "Don't Rain On My Parade."
15: Dennis Weaver, O.J. Simpson, Len Glasgow, Ernie Robinson
Jan 17, 1974
Flip opens and closes with a heart felt speech. Flip appears Geraldine at a Las Vegas wedding chapel run by Dennis Weaver. OJ is TJ substituting for Killer as the groom.
16: Steve Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Kenny Livingston, Keyy Lester
Feb 7, 1974
Flip does a risque routine about ancient Rome and a special berry. Flip helps best friend Richard with relationship problems when he shows up at 3 in the morning. Steve Lawrence joins Flip's carpool because of the energy crisis.
17: Tony Randall, Bob & Ray, Lena Horne
Feb 21, 1974
Don Adams depicts a compulsive gambler who asks Flip to hold $2,000 for him and not return it no matter how much he begs. Redd does his stand up then Flip joins him for a Q&A with the audience.
18: Don Adams, Redd Foxx, Mac Davis
Feb 28, 1974
Don Adams depicts a compulsive gambler who asks Flip to hold $2,000 for him and not return it no matter how much he begs. Redd does his stand up then Flip joins him for a Q&A with the audience.
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