Season 3
The Flip Wilson Show
25 EPISODES • 1972
Season 3 of The Flip Wilson Show was released on September 14 and consists of 25 episodes.

Season 2


1: Pearl Bailey, The Muppets, Jack Benny
Sep 14, 1972
2: The 5th Dimension, Tim Conway
Sep 21, 1972
3: Melba Moore, Don Knotts, Dan Hicks & Hot Licks
Sep 28, 1972
4: Burns & Schreiber, Ruth Buzzi, The Supremes
Oct 5, 1972
5: Stiller & Meara, Bill Russell, Paul McCartney & Wings (video)
Oct 12, 1972
6: Diana Sands, David Steinberg, The Jackson 5
Oct 26, 1972
7: Carol Channing, Ed Asner, Donny Hathaway
Nov 2, 1972
Flip is a stowaway on a ship with Edward Asner and Carol Channing on board. Miss Channing sings "Calypso Pete." Donny Hathaway performs "For All We Know" and "Put Your Hand in the Hand."
8: Don Adams, The Staple Singers, Roscoe Lee Brown
Nov 9, 1972
9: Burt Reynolds, Roberta Flack, Tim Conway
Nov 16, 1972
10: Joan Rivers, The Temptations, Frank Gorshin
Nov 23, 1972
Flip's guest Frank Gorshin first impersonates Marlon Brando as The Godfather, then Peter Falk as Columbo. Joan Rivers discusses how terrible it is to be female. Flip becomes Reverend Leroy who speaks about the evils of sin.
11: Raymond Burr, Dom Deluise, Gladys Knight & The Pips
Nov 30, 1972
12: Dionne Warwick, Tony Randall, Burns & Schreiber
Dec 7, 1972
Window washer Flip joins a meeting of big businessmen portrayed by Randall, Burns, and Schreiber. Dionne Warwick sings "Anyone Who Has a Heart." Burns and Schreiber plays a psychiatrist and a patient who thinks he's a balloon.
13: Johnny Cash, June Carter, Jim Brown
Dec 14, 1972
Featuring Albert Brooks, Bill Russell, Johnny Cash & June Carter Opening Doze Off Commercial "Any Ole Wind That Blows" Dave & Danny "Ballad Of Moby Dick" Chess "The Loving Gift" National Anthem Square Dance
14: Tim Conway, Slappy White, Rita Coolidge, Kris Kristofferson
Dec 12, 1972
15: Jim Nabors, James Coco, Barbara McNair
Jan 4, 1973
16: Roscoe Lee Brown, Andy Griffith, Curtis Mayfield
Jan 11, 1973
17: Marty Feldman, Taj Mahal, Howard Cosell, Sandy Duncan
Jan 18, 1973
18: Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Michaels, Ed Sullivan
Jan 25, 1973
19: Ray Charles, Phyllis Diller, The Committee
Feb 1, 1973
20: Dom Deluise, Helen Reddy, Diana Sands & Kreskin
Feb 8, 1973
Flip portrays Geraldine as she works at a supermarket checkout. Diana Sands bring psychic Kreskin with her so she can know what her date really thinks. Dom DeLuise is Diana's bodyguard when she eats at a diner.
21: Roy Clark, George Carlin, Della Reese
Feb 15, 1973
22: Ed McMahon, Rich Little, Cicely Tyson, Bill Withers
Feb 22, 1973
23: Tim Conway, Joe Namath, Papa John Creach
Mar 1, 1973
24: Don Knotts, Richard Pryor
Mar 15, 1973
Flip and guests are in a silent movie sketch. Oscar Brown Jr. and wife Jane sing "The Snake," "Dat Dere," and "Afro Blues." Flip and Richard Pryor are producers thought to be planning a murder by eavesdropping waiter Don Knotts.
25: Buddy Hackett, Ruth Buzzi, Richard Pryor, William Attmore II
Season 4
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