Season 4
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
16 EPISODES • 1988
Season 4 of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was released on September 10 and consists of 16 episodes.

Season 3


1: The Magnificent Seven Gummies
Sep 10, 1988
A traveler from the Orient searches out the Gummi Bears to honor an ancient pact of friendship and help concerning a dragon.
2: Music Hath Charms
Sep 17, 1988
Duke Igthorn gets a magic bagpipe that hypnotizes whoever hears its music.
3: Dress for Success
Sep 17, 1988
Sunni enters a costume contest in Dunwyn during folly day.
4: A Knight to Remember
Sep 24, 1988
A ghost of a Gummi knight leads Cubbi on a quest.
5: Gummies Just Want To Have Fun
Sep 24, 1988
Grammi is visited by a childhood friend, Nogum.
6: There's No Place Like Home
Oct 1, 1988
Sunni wants to find a new place to live but finds that Gummi Glen is the best home for a Gummi Bear.
7: Color Me Gummi
Oct 1, 1988
Cavin becomes a great painter with a LOT of help from Gusto.
8: He Who Laughs Last
Oct 15, 1988
Sir Gawain (Cavin's grandpa) tries to prove Gummies exist to win a bet.
9: Tummi's Last Stand
Oct 29, 1988
Cubbi and Tummi find a ancient Gummi training center and Tummi takes a crash course.
10: The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again
Oct 29, 1988
Toadie impersonates the Crimson Avenger and learns what it means to be a hero.
11: Ogre Baby Boom
Nov 12, 1988
An accidental mixture of Gummiberry juice and baby powder reduces Igthorn's Ogre troops to infants, and Grammi takes in one of these babies to raise it for the better.
12: The White Knight
Nov 12, 1988
Dunwyn's most famous paladin, Sir Victor, pays a visit to King Gregor's court. But the White Knight bears a secret which makes him an easy target for extortion by Igthorn.
13: Good Neighbor Gummi
Dec 3, 1988
When Gruffi breaks his foot, he stubbornly refuses to stay put, believing that the Glen would suffer if he doesn't remain active. His attitude doesn't improve when a rowdy bandit gang decides to make camp--right above the Gummi Glen abode.
14: Girl's Knight Out
Dec 3, 1988
King Gregor proposes a series of tests for Unwin and the other squires to become Princess Calla's bodyguard, which includes stealing a golden apple from the strong and mysterious Black Knight. Calla conceals her appearance in a suit of armor and competes as well to prove she is capable of her own self defense.
15: Top Gum
Dec 10, 1988
Inspired by some old stories, Cubby constructs a flight pack and races off into the clouds to find the legendary Aerials. Unfortunately, the Aerials are not like the old Gummi stories described, in more than one way.
16: Gummi's At Sea
Dec 17, 1988
Tummi finds a Gummarine, an ancient seagoing vessel that can take the Gummies to New Gumbria, where they can meet other Gummies. However, their plans are quickly derailed when Duke Igthorn captures the ship and uses it to attack King Gregor.
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