Season 3
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
14 EPISODES • 1987
Season 3 of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was released on September 12 and consists of 14 episodes.

Season 2


1: Too Many Cooks
Sep 12, 1987
Tummi, Sunni, and Cubbi learn the secret recipe for their favorite sweet treat but run into trouble when they try to make it themselves.
2: Just a Tad Smarter
Sep 12, 1987
Toadie's cousin Tad convinces the Ogres to overthrow Duke Igthorn and install him in his place. When he orders the destruction of the Gummiberry bushes, the Gummi Bears reluctantly help Igthorn regain power to save their berries.
3: If I Were You
Sep 19, 1987
Igthorn and Tummi switch bodies on Tummi's birthday.
4: Eye of the Beholder
Sep 19, 1987
An ugly witch plots to take over Dunwyn and it's Sunni to the rescue.
5: Presto Gummo
Sep 26, 1987
Tummi becomes a magician with Cubbi's help.
6: A Tree Grows in Dunwyn
Sep 26, 1987
Gruffi's head swells when Trolls complicate the delivery of a tree.
7: Day of the Beevilweevils
Oct 3, 1987
Tummi accidently causes a swarm of bugs to attack the gummiberry bushes.
8: Water Way to Go
Oct 10, 1987
Something is fishy when Sunni is jealous of Gusto's new friend Aquairanne.
9: Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind
Oct 10, 1987
When Gusto invents a decoy to lure ogres away from Gummi Glen, it fools the ogres, but also attracts the humans, who start looking around the forest. It is up to Gruffi and Gusto to save the glen.
10: Snows Your Old Man
Oct 31, 1987
While trying to find out why winter is still persisting in Dunwyn alone, Sunni, Tummi and Cubbi encounter a frost giant named Chillbeard who uses a "wind horn" to freeze everything. The cubs wonder why Chillbeard seems immature for the "Lord of Winter", wanting to play games instead of allowing spring to start.
11: Boggling the Bears
Oct 31, 1987
Sunni saves a squirrel-like shapechanger called a boggle, from a hungry wolf and takes it back home. But a shape-changer - not to mention a whole family of them - tends to make a rather tedious pet!
12: The Knights of Gummadoon
Dec 5, 1987
When the castle of the knights of Gummadoon appears, Cavin is imprisoned as a spy. The Gummies only have until sunset to rescue him, as the castle only appears once every hundred years, but they also have to contend with Duke Igthorn, who plans to capture the castle.
13: Mirthy Me
Dec 12, 1987
A Gigglin causes a practical joke spree in the Glen. Will this stop the dam from being built in time to stop the water from flooding in?
14: Gummi Dearest
Dec 12, 1987
After the egg of a griffin rolls free, Cubbi gets mistaken for the baby whilst Gruffi has to deal with the actual baby griffin who thinks he is his father. Can Gruffi and Cubbi make the switch without facing the wrath of the mother griffin?
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