Season 4
22 EPISODES • 1997
Season 4 of ER was released on September 25 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 3


1: Ambush
Sep 25, 1997
While a film crew is filming in the ER, it's Elizabeth Corday's first day.
2: Something New
Oct 2, 1997
Carter is exited about getting his own med student and Mark and Carol interview candidates for the desk clerk position.
3: Friendly Fire
Oct 9, 1997
Cynthia Hooper starts as the new desk clerk. Benton and Carla disagree over whether or not their son should be circumcised. Al gets in an accident at work.
4: When the Bough Breaks
Oct 16, 1997
His ex-wife Jennifer tells Mark he can't see Rachel until he's got his act together. Reece gets to go home. Al has lost his job.
5: Good Touch, Bad Touch
Oct 30, 1997
Carol would like to have a women's and children's health care clinic within the ER. Benton has trouble combining work and fatherhood.
6: Ground Zero
Nov 6, 1997
Al wants to move to Atlanta where he got a job offer. Jeanie however isn't keen on moving. Carol talks to Carter's grandmother about the clinic.
7: Fathers and Sons
Nov 13, 1997
Ross and Greene travel to a near-deserted stretch of California to investigate circumstances surrounding a death in Doug's family.
8: Freak Show
Nov 20, 1997
Benton has a very extraordinary and interesting case when he comes across a boy with reversed internal organs.
9: Obstruction of Justice
Dec 11, 1997
Jeanie believes she's been fired because she has HIV and fights her dismissal.
10: Do You See What I See?
Dec 18, 1997
Mark treats an old lady who has been brutally raped. Carter's grandmother visits Carol's clinic. After he's touched by Benton, a blind man can see again!
11: Think Warm Thoughts
Jan 8, 1998
Dr. Anspaugh's 13-year-old son is brought in and Anspaugh asks Mark to look after him. Another old lady who has been raped is brought in.
12: Sharp Relief
Jan 15, 1998
Kerry starts to doubt the methods of Synergix. Carter tries to help his cousin beat his drug addiction. Jeanie becomes Scott Anspaugh's part-time caregiver.
13: Carter's Choice
Jan 29, 1998
Another elderly rape victim is brought in. So is the rapist.
14: Family Practice
Feb 5, 1998
Greene flies to San Diego when his mother falls and is hospitalized. His concern increases when he finds her acting "completely loony and out of control." To make matters worse, he butts heads with his dad over her care.
15: Exodus
Feb 26, 1998
Because of benzene that's been spread, the ER has to close. Weaver gets felled and Carter has to take the lead.
16: My Brother's Keeper
Mar 25, 1998
Mark finds out Cynthia has moved. Carter's cousin Chase is brought in because of a heroin overdose. Doug and Kerry clash after she found a flaw in his study.
17: A Bloody Mess
Apr 9, 1998
Jeanie fears Scott Anspaugh's cancer may have returned. Hathaway learns a disturbing secret about a 16-year-old girl. A pregnant patient fears she'll miscarry; Morgenstern returns to work, but perhaps too soon after his heart attack.
18: Gut Reaction
Apr 16, 1998
Carter finally works up enough nerve to ask Del Amico out. Jeanie tries to help Scotty decide whether to undergo an experimental treatment and Benton takes unexpected action during an operation with Morgenstern.
19: Shades of Gray
Apr 23, 1998
Del Amico, Ross and Corday confront disturbing situations after the bombing of a women's clinic. Benton comes under review for controversial actions in the OR. Jeanie endures one of the most difficult days of her life as she says goodbye to a friend.
20: Of Past Regret and Future Fear
Apr 30, 1998
A 31-year-old security guard is brought in suffering from severe chemical burns, and a 21-year-old man is wheeled in after falling 75 feet into a river. Meanwhile, Benton is upset that Carla's boyfriend is part of Reese's baptism.
21: Suffer the Little Children
May 7, 1998
Ross treats a 6-month-old recovering from methadone withdrawal. A televangelist and his wife, who's suffering from an infection, plan a broadcast from the ER. Del Amico's old boyfriend arrives, and Jeanie fears her health is rapidly declining.
22: A Hole in the Heart
May 14, 1998
Ross and Hathaway's jobs are in jeopardy after their unauthorized treatment of a drug-addicted 7-month-old boy is discovered. Corday loses her sponsorship. Carter suspects Del Amico's boyfriend when drugs are stolen.
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