Season 3
22 EPISODES • 1996
Season 3 of ER was released on September 26 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 2


1: Dr. Carter, I Presume
Sep 26, 1996
It's the first day of Carter's internship. He has a 36 hour shift and overnight he has to cover the ER, the ICU as well as the surgical patients.
2: Let the Games Begin
Oct 3, 1996
While the whole staff is worried the ER might close, Jeanie has her own problems in dealing with being HIV-positive.
3: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Oct 10, 1996
Donald Anspaugh has a new method to increase the staff's efficiency, new intern Maggie Doyle joins the ER and Susan asks Mark to come along to Hawaii.
4: Last Call
Oct 17, 1996
Doug's one-night-stand has a seizure and he brings her to the ER.
5: Ghosts
Oct 31, 1996
While Mark is anxious about Susan's return from her holiday, Doug and Carol ride along with the health mobile.
6: Fear of Flying
Nov 7, 1996
While on their helicopter flight rotation, Mark and Susan find an injured family of four who they bring to the ER.
7: No Brain, No Gain
Nov 14, 1996
Encouraged by Carol, Mark finally asks Susan out. Benton tries to save a boy, despite the fact Doug thinks he's brain dead.
8: Union Station
Nov 21, 1996
It's Susan's last day. Carol stands up for her nurses when one of them is being rotated to another department.
9: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
Dec 12, 1996
Carol worries about her physics exam while Mark is heart-broken about Susan's departure and focuses solely on his job.
10: Homeless for the Holidays
Dec 19, 1996
Mark and Kerry have to create a policy regarding HIV-positive employees, which leads to gossip amongst the nurses.
11: Night Shift
Jan 16, 1997
Carol has to fire two of the nurses. Meanwhile, Gant feels Benton is too hard on him.
12: Post Mortem
Jan 23, 1997
Carter feels guilty about Gant's death. Benton doesn't want to talk about it.
13: Fortune's Fools
Jan 30, 1997
Benton can't keep his mind on the job, Mark and Chuny break up and Carol does what she needs to do regarding the fatal error she has made.
14: Whose Appy Now?
Feb 6, 1997
Doug treats a dying 17-year old cystic fibrosis patient who doesn't want to be resuscitated. Carter gets to operate Benton.
15: The Long Way Around
Feb 13, 1997
Nurse Carol Hathaway is held hostage during a convenience store robbery, then befriends one of the gunmen.
16: Faith
Feb 20, 1997
Carol will hear whether her suspension is permanent or not. Mark and Doyle do what they can to get a patient with Down syndrome on a heart transplant list.
17: Tribes
Apr 10, 1997
Benton goes into Carla's private hospital files when he fears that something may be wrong with their baby; Jeanie treats a suicidal woman who reveals a surprising secret; and Greene learns that Rachel has been lying about her health.
18: You Bet Your Life
Apr 17, 1997
Benton tries to find out if everything's OK with Carla's baby. Carter tries to get a man operated, despite the fact Anspaugh thinks he will die no matter what.
19: Calling Dr. Hathaway
Apr 24, 1997
Benton takes a day off to help Carla. Carter finds out Edson falsified a chart.
20: Random Acts
May 1, 1997
Jeanie asks Greg to help Al get into a special AIDS-program at the hospital. Olbes brings in her grandfather, who had a stroke.
21: Make a Wish
May 8, 1997
It's Carol's birthday, Mark is returning to work after being assaulted and Carla goes into premature labor.
22: One More for the Road
May 15, 1997
Anspaugh is furious when Carter tells him he wants to quit surgery. Charlie is brought in with an overdose. Mark keeps struggling with his beating.
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