Season 1
J.J. Starbuck
18 EPISODES • 1987
Season 1 of J.J. Starbuck was released on September 26 and consists of 18 episodes.


1: Pilot
Sep 26, 1987
Dale Robertson plays eccentric Texas billionaire JJ Starbuck who pokes his nose into other people's business in the name of justice. In the opener, JJ travels to Beverly Hills where a wealthy businessman is suddenly cleared of his wife's murder by a bodybuilder, who claims the death was the accidental result of a lovers' quarrel.
2: A Killing in the Market
Sep 29, 1987
Robert Conrad plays a Wall Street wizard whose overtures to J.J. (Dale Robertson) about a shady business deal become secondary when J.J. crowds him with questions about the apparent suicide of his assistant.
3: Murder In E Minor
Oct 20, 1987
4: The Blimpy Who Yelled Blue
Oct 27, 1987
5: Incident at Sam September
Nov 10, 1987
Starbuck attempts to prove That a phony children's book author murdered his ghostwriter.
6: Gold from the Rainbow
Dec 5, 1987
A sleazy TV talk show host kill his competitor's assistant in order to frame her for murder. J.J. comes to the aid of the lady
7: Graveyard Shift
Dec 15, 1987
Starbuck attempts to free American executives who are being held hostage aboard a Persian Gulf oil rig.
8: The Circle Unbroken
Dec 22, 1987
Starbuck investigates a scheming interior design editor (Jessica Walter) who seems to have committed the perfect murder.
9: The 6% Solution
Dec 26, 1987
An ex-convict becomes the coach of a college football team on a 20-year losing streak
10: Murder by Design
Jan 23, 1988
A shifty spiritual leader (Alan Rachins) tries to frame a senator's daughter for her father's murder.
11: Cactus Jack's Last Call
Feb 13, 1988
J.J. was with an old friend when someone tried to run them over; J.J. was injured while his friend was killed. An old friend of his friend, E.L. ""Tenspeed"" Turner, tries to find out what happened. With J.J.'s help, they discover that a bet he convince his friend to make is the motive behind the murder.
12: A Song from the Sequel
Feb 20, 1988
13: First You've Got To Go To The Picnic
Feb 27, 1988
14: Permanent Hiatus
Feb 27, 1988
A realtor finds success in selling houses to a couple, getting his 6% commission, then ordering one of his agents to seduce one member of the couple to break up their marriage. After the break up, the couple sells their house and the realtor gets his 6% again; then he sells each of member of the couple another place and gets another 6% from those sales. When one of his disgruntled clients and one of his former agents plan to report his activities, the realtor decides to take them out. His plan involves getting the agent to go to the client's house and on the night of a party, he goes there via helicopter and he programs his phone to forward a call from a client to the man's house. When he gets there he shoots the client and afterwards the client calls him and after speaking to him the realtor arrives and he shoots him, making it appear like a murder-suicide. J.J. who is a friend of the client arrives for the funeral and comforts the wife and he can't help but wonder why the realtor is
15: Rag Doll
Apr 19, 1988
J.J.'s niece goes undercover in Los Angeles to investigate the ""suicide"" of one of her high school friends who left to become a star and became involved in oil wrestling, counterfeit films, and drugs.
16: The Rise And Fall Of Joe Piermont
Jun 28, 1988
17: That Old Black Magic
18: Everyone's a Critic
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