Season 2
21 EPISODES • 1987
Season 2 of Amen was released on October 3 and consists of 21 episodes.

Season 1


1: California Dreaming
Oct 3, 1987
Reuben contemplates accepting a new job in Los Angeles.
2: Dancing in the Dark
Oct 17, 1987
A rivalry is renewed when Deacon Frye is pitted against an old law-school classmate, in defending a palimony suit. Deacon Frye decides to settle their rivalry in court.
3: You Bet Your Life
Oct 24, 1987
Amelia's gambling habit resurfaces.
4: Dueling Ministers
Oct 31, 1987
Rev. Johnny returns to give a sermon at the church.
5: Thelma's Reunion
Nov 7, 1987
As Thelma's high school reunion approaches, Thelma dreads coming to the reunion because of the way her life has turned out, and especially because of her old friend, Darlene Moore who she grew up with, and with whom she feels she could never match up. Meanwhile, the Reverend asks Thelma to go with him to her reunion, but then she finds out her father set it up. Meanwhile Cassietta is being audited by the IRS.
6: Deacon on the Line
Nov 14, 1987
The Deacon is left to his own devices when a teen-hotline caller threatens suicide.
7: Rolly's Proposal (1)
Nov 21, 1987
Romance blooms between Frye's aunt and Rolly.
8: Rolly's Wedding (2)
Nov 28, 1987
On the verge of marriage, Rolly gets cold feet.
9: Thelma's Birthday
Dec 5, 1987
Deacon Frye slips and falls while shovelling snow, and hurts his back. The doctor treating the Deacon's back becomes romantically interested in Thelma, and competes with Rev. Gregory for her attention, on her birthday.
10: Thelma's Little Girl
Dec 12, 1987
Thelma becomes a foster parent to a precocious nine-year-old girl.
11: The Twelve Songs of Christmas
Dec 19, 1987
The choir fights over which carol to sing in a competition.
12: Snakes Alive
Jan 2, 1988
After the Deacon runs out of the church in mortal terror, the Reverend discovers that his panic was due to a fake rubber snake someone had left behind. And because of that incident, the Deacon has been the object of ridicule with the congregation. So, to help conquer his fear of snakes, the Deacon visits a therapist, who begins treating him for his phobia. Part of the treatment includes him staying in a room alone with a large boa constrictor.
13: Man on a Ledge
Jan 16, 1988
Frye tries to erase Thelma's angry phone message.
14: To Catch a Thief
Jan 23, 1988
After money from the collection plate comes up missing, the Reverend and the Hetebrinks believe that Jeanette may have stolen it. And when Jeanette buys Thelma an expensive gift, they become more than convinced that she is the theif. At their accusations, the deacon is infuriated that they would suspect his precious granddaughter, and threatens to quit his position in the church. In the end, a lesson is learned by all, that what may appear to be true is not necessarily true, and that suspicion and lack of trust has no place in the church.
15: The Widow
Feb 6, 1988
An attractive church benefactor eyes Reuben.
16: Stranded
Feb 20, 1988
At a church retreat in the mountains, the Deacon has a spiritual reawakening after almost freezing to death during a blizzard. Thanks to Amelia, who took quick action to help save his life.
17: Deacon Dearest
Feb 27, 1988
Deacon Frye takes a personal interest in the divorce of a church couple, when he finds out the husband of the distraught woman is a millionaire.
18: The Fantasy
Mar 5, 1988
Thelma daydreams about a honeymoon with the Reverend, but the Deacon has his own vision of being with someone special, and where having the minister as a son-in-law creates lots of problems for him.
19: Wedding Bell Blues
Mar 12, 1988
Rev. Gregory is upset when the first couple he ever married accuses him of malpractice and negligent counseling. He is represented at his trial by attorney Frye, with surprising results. Meanwhile, Deacon Frye tries to turn the church into a wedding chapel, Las Vegas style.
20: A Slight Case of Murder (1)
Apr 30, 1988
When an attractive & glamorous woman comes to Deacon Frye for help in the murder of her husband, Deacon Frye defends her in court, and falls for charms.
21: A Slight Case of Murder (2)
May 7, 1988
Deacon Frye has now defended Roxanne in court and she has been found not to have murdered her husband. Now, there is nothing to stand in the way of his romantic passions for her. After a brief romantic interlude, they decide to get married, even though Thelma strongly disapproves. At the wedding ceremony, Thelma does everything she can to interrupt the proceedings, but undaunted, Deacon Frye presses ahead with the ceremony. Not even a fire in the church could stop him from marrying the woman of his Dreams.
Season 3
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