Season 1
The Flip Wilson Show
27 EPISODES • 1970
Season 1 of The Flip Wilson Show was released on September 17 and consists of 27 episodes.


1: Episode 1
Sep 17, 1970
Guests stars David Frost, James Brown and The Muppets.
2: Episode 2
Sep 24, 1970
Guests stars Roy Clark, Bobby Darin, Stanley Myron and Denise Nicholas
3: Episode 3
Oct 1, 1970
Guests stars Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, The Tempatations and Roger Miller
4: Episode 4
Oct 8, 1970
Guests stars Perry Como, Charlie Callas, Denise Nicholas and Lola Falana. Flip becomes his Freddie character, trying to juggle simultaneous dates with Lola Falana and Denise Nicholas. Then he is Geraldine going to psychiatrist Perry Como, which turns into an extended funny sequence.
5: Episode 5
Oct 15, 1970
Guests stars Raymond Burr, Stanley Myron, The Muppets, Loretta Long and Sunday's Child. Raymond Burr joins host Flip as Colonel Chicken in a comedy bit. Then the muppets join Burr in "The Counting and Alphabet Songs." Loretta Long performs "Happy Talk." Sunday's Child sing "Freedom Blues."
6: Episode 6
Oct 22, 1970
Guests stars Louis Armstrong, Charlie Callas, Laura Greene, Pat Morita. Flip brings out Louis Armstrong and shows his administration for the great trumpeter. Then Flip is Reverend Leroy telling a gambling experience at the horse track. Flip and Louis close with a medley.
7: Episode 7
Oct 29, 1970
Guests stars Bill Cosby and Gina Lolabrigida.
8: Episode 8
Nov 6, 1970
Guests stars Robert Goulet, Lola Falana, Robert Klein and Dean Martin. Dean Martin wanders across the hall to chat with Flip. Robert Goulet and Flip debate whether comedians or singers have more sex appeal. Lola Falana works at an unemployment office trying to find Flip a job.
9: Episode 9
Nov 13, 1970
Guests stars Moms Mabley, Marcel Marceau, Arte Johnson and Doug Kershaw. Flip and Marcel chat a bit then do a mime competition. Flip as Geraldine is now a beautician, intent on giving Moms Mabley a new look. Arte Johnson is a nervous bandit trying to get $20 from Flip.
10: Episode 10
Nov 20, 1970
Guests stars Bobby Darin, Charlie Pride and Ella Fitzgerald. Flip is Reverend Leroy preaching against sin when Bobby Darin as the devil gives an opposing viewpoint. Ella Fitzgerald shows off her incredible vocal talents. Flip, Bobby, and Charley perform "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, (That Cigarette)."
11: Episode 11
Dec 3, 1970
Guests stars Stevie Wonder, Connie Stevens, John Byner and Johnny Brown. Flip and Johnny Brown parodies Holmes and Watson with Connie Stevens and John Byner. Stevie Wonder accompanies himself on the piano. Johnny does his impressions of Billie Holliday and Louis Armstrong.
12: Episode 12
Dec 10, 1970
Guests stars Lena Horne and Tony Randall. Flip and Tony Randall are prisoners sharing a cell with Flip annoyed by Tony's fastidious ways. Flip becomes Geraldine as a meter maid trying to give Tony a ticket. Lena Horne interpets The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon."
13: Episode 13
Dec 17, 1970
Guests stars Sid Caesar, Bobby Darin and B.B. King. Flip welcomes Sid Caesar as a hip saxophonist. Then Sid and Flip are a destitute father and his child in a comedic pantomime. B.B. King is introduced to sing his hit "Sweet Sixteen."
14: Episode 14
Dec 24, 1970
Guests stars Burl Ives, Slim Gaillard and Sha-Na-Na. Sha-Na-Na opens with a rendition of "Blue Moon." Burl Ives recites Twas the Night Before Christmas while Flip does a silent recreation in the background while wearing footie pajamas.
15: Episode 15
Jan 7, 1971
Guests stars Bing Crosby, The Supremes and David Steinberg. Flip shops for a lady friend's gift at a store staffed by David Steinberg and The Supremes. Flip and Bing duet a comedic medley of cowboy songs. Flip is Geraldine who's the entertainment at a New Year's party where Bing is the only guest.
16: Episode 16
Jan 17, 1971
Guests stars Steve Lawrence, Zero Mostel and Roberta Flack. Zero Mostel is a crazed street artist who paints Flip in an interesting fashion. Flip and Steve Lawrence are prospective grooms sharing their experiences. Roberta Flack entertains with one of her hits.
17: Episode 17
Jan 21, 1971
Guests stars Muhammed Ali, Lily Tomlin and Bobby Darin.
18: Episode 18
Jan 28, 1971
Guests stars Bill Cosby, Nancy Wilson and Claudine Langet.
19: Episode 19
Feb 4, 1971
Guests stars Joe Namath, George Carlin and Johnny Mathis. Flip and Johnny Mathis sing about animals while their dogs steal the show. Flip's Geraldine character breaks up Joe Namath as a prospective employee at his gym. George and Flip resurrect their news anchor routine.
20: Episode 20
Feb 11, 1971
Guests stars Art Carney and Barbara Feldon.
21: Episode 21
Feb 18, 1971
Guests stars Aretha Franklin, David Frostand and Charlie Callas. Flip welcomes guest Aretha Franklin who sings "Someday" and "Mixed-up Girl." The comedy David Frost tries to ferret out a spy as head of espionage. Then the Britisher dreams of being a waiter at Charley's Diner.
22: Episode 22
Feb 25, 1971
Guests stars Don Rickles, Leslie Uggams and Ray Charles.
23: Episode 23
Mar 4, 1971
Guests stars Diahann Carroll, Tim Conway and Robert Klein. Flip and Tim engage in a high stakes poker game, then Flip as Freddie bartender at a society party attended by Diahann and Robert. Diahann sings "Until It's Time for You to Go."
24: Episode 24
Mar 11, 1971
Guests stars Lena Horne and George Carlin. Flip sings, then does a Q & A with the audience. Flip and George are hip radio personalities in a sketch. Flip, as Reverend Leroy, visits a nightclub run by Lena Horne engaging in friendly banter.
25: Episode 25
Mar 18, 1971
Guests stars Lily Tomlin, Hamid Hamilton Camp and Gaylord & Holiday. Flip invites all his guests to do a little dance at the beginning of the show. Lily Tomlin does her Ernestine the operator, taking a call from J. Edgar Hoover. Flip fixes up lonely co-workers Hamilton and Lily.
26: Episode 26
Apr 1, 1971
Guests stars Tim Conway, Sandy Duncan and Johnny Brown.
27: Episode 27
Apr 8, 1971
Guests stars Tim Conway, Sandy Duncan and Johnny Brown.
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