Season 1
The Tall Man
37 EPISODES • 1960
Season 1 of The Tall Man was released on September 10 and consists of 37 episodes.


1: Garrett and the Kid
Sep 10, 1960
Paul Mason is trying to take over Lincoln county and buys off everyone except Pat Garrett. Billy is determined to help Pat out even though Pat tells him to stay out of it. This episode lays a good foundation for the theme of the series i.e. the friend/adversary relatonship between Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.
2: Forty-Dollar Boots
Sep 17, 1960
Billy's friend Charlie Evers offers him a new pair of boots in exchange for his help rustling cattle. Billy is torn between his desire for the outlaw life and his loyalty to Pat Garrett, his friend and newly appointed deputy. Pat , as usual, is trying to keep Billy on the right side of the Law.
3: Bad Company
Sep 24, 1960
Karl Negal is a rigid, german father to his soon-to-be a man son, Johnny. Johnny idealizes Billy and, wanting to be like him, robs a grocery store and kills the owner. After Pat Garett kills Johnny, Karl Nagel vows revenge on Billy for being a bad influence on his son. Billy must choose between his loyalty to Pat and his own survival in this suspenful episode.
4: The Shawl
Oct 1, 1960
The Roberts brothers are gunning for Billy,but they kill his sweetheart, Mariea, instead. Meanwhile, Billy is heading home with a fancy shawl as a gift for his girl.
5: The Lonely Star
Oct 8, 1960
Sheriff Brady is shot down and deputy Pat Garrett must decide if he will run for sheriff in a corrupt election run by local cattle baron Andy Gorman.The odds against Pat are big until Billy the Kid offers his assistance. Pat must operate within the Law while Billy is willing to break all the rules. Will the people of Lincoln County choose the right nman for the job?
6: A Bounty for Billy
Oct 15, 1960
Newly elected sheriff Pat Garrett is gunned down in the dark during an express office robbery. Deputy Johnny Swift believes the shooter is Billy the Kid. With Pat unconsious and the town out for blood, Billy must prove he is innocent. His only friend is his girlfriend ,Maria, and the two work on a daring plan to bring in the guilty parties.
7: The Parson
Oct 29, 1960
A new Parson comes to Lincoln and builds a successful ministry until it is discovered that he is an ex-gunslinger. Ben Meyers and his son Jebul have come to town with an old grudge and expose the Parson's violent background. The two are looking for revenge and the only thing stopping them is Pat Garrett.Billy also has something to learn from a gunfighter turned man-of-God.
8: Night Train to Tularosa
Nov 15, 1960
Garrett is taking killer Dan Rees to prison aboard the night train to Tularosa and , so far as he is concerned, justice has never been sweeter. Rees had married and caused the death of the girl Pat loved.
9: Larceny and Young Ladies
Nov 19, 1960
Teenagers June and May McBean are making a living stealing horses when they make the mistake of stealing Pat Garrett""s horse. Pat tracks and arrests the girls and then intrusts them to Billy while he obtains a buggy to transport them in. The girls escape and tie Billy up. Their egos bruised, Pat and Billy pursue the girls and extract justice from them and their negligent father.
10: Counterfeit Law
Nov 26, 1960
Billy delivers a herd of cattle to Barlows place in Gunsite county. He is robbed and put in jail by ""Judge Barlow"" and his assistants. Pat Garrett is riding his rounds in the territory and is surprised to find that Billy is a captive of Barlows. The two friends must team up to bring justice to Gunsite county.
11: And the Beast
Nov 26, 1960
Pat Garrett arrives at the Corbin ranch to find everyone murdered but the housekeeper, Agatha. Subsequent murders lead Garret to the truth. However when it becomes time to arrest the murderer, Garrett finds Billy has mixed loyalties.
12: Bitter Ashes
Dec 3, 1960
13: McBean Rides Again
Dec 10, 1960
The teenage troublemakers June and May McBean team up to cause Pat, Billy and their dad headaches over illegal brewing of whiskey. It looks like everyone but the culprits will end up in jail. In the end, however, four men against two teenage girls restores order and justice.
14: Tiger Eye
Dec 17, 1960
Billy and Pat rescue a young apache man from being staked out by his tribe. Billy takes the young man under his wing and insists on bring the Apache to town to live as a ""white man"". Pat, against his better judgement, helps the Aache find a job. Nature takes it's course and there is a murder for which the indian is blamed. Pat and BIlly set out seperately to find the Apache and learn the truth.
15: Billy's Baby
Dec 24, 1960
It is the Christmas season and Billy is partying at the local salon with his girlfriend, Maria. A visiting Texan taks offense to Billy and a fight errupts, leaving the Texan shot and left for dead. Billy runs towards Mexico to avoid arrest but runs into trouble with Apaches. Garrett attempts to bring Billy in but ends up fighting Apaches with him. In the end Garret's faith in Billy the kid and Billy's loyalty to his lawman friend are tested.
16: One of One Thousand
Dec 31, 1960
Pat Garrett wins an expensive rifle in a shooting contest in Fort Sumner. When he goes to collect the rifle he finds that the rifle has been stolen and the gunsmith murdered. The two suspects are Billy the Kid and MIles,an old friend and buffalo hunter who took second place in the competition. Garrett goes after the suspect with a heavy heart, prepared to arrest for hanging or to shoot down a friend.
17: First Blood
Jan 7, 1961
Hendry Grant, a renouned gunfighter is hired by cattle baron, Andy Gorman to kill Billy the Kid and thereby establish Gorman's power over John Tundall in Lincoln county. Garrett, a longtime acquaintance of Grant's tries to prevent the showdown. However, a tragic chain of events leads Billy and Grant to a showdown.
18: A Gun Is for Killing
Jan 14, 1961
Deputy Johnny Swift angers cattle drover Blanchard and a subsequent gun battle leaves Johnny dead by accident at the hand of his friend Pat Garrett. Pat, in his guilt,, abandons his office and leaves the town at the mercy of Blanchaard and his wild crew. Billy the kid attempts to rescue Garrett from his dispair in time to retore order/
19: The Grudge Fight
Jan 21, 1961
Billy and a young man named , Denver, are constantly butting heads as rival gunslingers and ladies men. Garrett throws them out of town and orders them to go their seperate ways. However, they make a plan to meet and have it out at ""Stone Mountain"" three days out of Lincoln. The subsequent shoot-out leaves Denver wounded. As Billy and the wounded Denver struggle to survive, a surprising friendship is forged.
20: The Best Policy
Jan 28, 1961
Cattleman John Miller adds a few of his branded animals to a herd belonging to Pat and Billy . Then Miller accuses the boys of rustling.
21: The Reversed Blade
Feb 4, 1961
John Tundall, Billy's boss, discovers that his ex-wife and her new husband, Ben Webster, have returned to Lincoln with a plot to blackmail him. Garrett and Billy are at a loss to prevent the subsequent showdown. After Tundall is wounded, Billy and Pat find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Can Pat Garrett head off a showdown between Billy and Webster and still bring about justice?
22: Dark Moment
Feb 11, 1961
Francisco, a tenant farmer, accidently shoots his landlord to death during an argument.Judy,the landlords daughter and the only witeness, is also wounded. When Garrett arrives, Judy is near death and is only able to point out Francisco as the murderer.
23: The Reluctant Bridegroom
Feb 18, 1961
24: Maria's Little Lamb
Feb 25, 1961
Billy goes for Maria in a big way. Her father, however is a sheep rancher,which traditionally means troble with the local cattle ranchers.Torn between Maria and Garrett, who is siding with the cattlemen, Billy isn't sure which side he will take if it comes to a showdown.
25: Big Sam's Boy
Mar 4, 1961
A pair of schemers named Jarrico and Clegg decide to capitalize on the death of Lonnie, an army buddy wwho was the long-lost son of wealthy Sam Masters.Jarrico and Clegg talk a third man into posing as Lonnie.
26: The Last Resource
Mar 11, 1961
Marshall Ben Hartley comes to Lincoln to arrest Billy Bonney for the murder of his 12 yeaar old daughter in Prescott., Az. Pat initially helps Hartley arrest Billy but becomes suspicious when Hartley uses unorthodox and vicious methods to deal with Billy. When it becomes obvious that Hartley is out for revenge and not justice, Pat decides to ride along to Billy's trial in Prescott.
27: Rovin' Gambler
Mar 18, 1961
When Doc. Holiday comes to Lincoln, he is falsely accused by his estranged girlfriend, Kate Elder, of robbing a stagecoach and killing the driver. Although they are longtime friends, Garrett is forced to arrest Holiday.Holiday vows revenge and a showdown results. Billy makes an effort to head it off by forcing the truth from Kate.
28: Hard Justice
Mar 25, 1961
Vince Ober is suppose to be buying cattle for the army, but he is really trying to arrange a deal that will profit only himself.He asks Billy to rustle some cattle,and,when Billy refuses, sends a couple of killers to gun him down.
29: The Legend and the Gun
Apr 1, 1961
Billy's step-father, Bill Antrim, is gunned down by a trio of gunmen. When the news reaches town, Billy vows vengeance on the murderers and, despite Garrett's warning, takes the law into his own hands.
30: A Kind of Courage
Apr 8, 1961
Ex-gunfighter and town drunk Clint Latimer vows revenge against Billy Bonney for teaching Latimers son Jody gunfighting. The boy is wounded in a gunfight and Latimer sobers up and practices his draw in preparaion to meet Billy in a showdown. Not wanting to kill Jody's father, Billy struggles to find a way to avoid the fight without running. Garrett gives Billy some advise but will the Kid listen?
31: Millionaire McBean
Apr 15, 1961
Tomboys, June and May McBean are up to their old tricks. They figure that if people thought their Pa was rich, they might land a husband, so they plant some gold in the old man's mine.
32: A Scheme of Hearts
Apr 22, 1961
Nita Jardine, the wife of an ex-con comes to Lincoln looking to escape the pursuit of her husband. She flirts with both Billy and Pat in the hope of convincing them to protect her against her husband. It appears that her female charms will lead Pat and Billy into a showdown. When Nita's ex-husband arrives, new information about Nita leads Pat to a desperate plan to exposse her and wake up Billy.
33: The Cloudbusters
Apr 29, 1961
Lincoln is in the middle of a drought and Apache Mike Grey Eagle has the only water in town. He has a stranglehold on the town with his high water prices so the town council votes to hire a rainmaker. The rainmaker turns out to be a girl with a determinaton to succceed in finding water or making rain. Pat and Billy get drug into her rainmaking adventure which include capture by the apaches.
34: Ransom of a Town
May 6, 1961
Lincoln's Padre is kidnapped by an outlaw named Ledall and held for ransom. When the town can't come up with the money fast enough, Billy the Kid takes matters into his own hands. While Billy is in pursuit of the kidnapper, Garrett is after Billy. When they all finally meet up, it is Pat Garret that must take the long shot chance that will save or doom the padre.
35: Ladies of the Town
May 20, 1961
Silver Creek is a boom town in Lincoln county run by the corrupt Jason Clarey. Sheriff Pat Garrett rides out to restore order and finds that the respectable woman of the town are organizing to drive the wicked influences out. These ""wicked"" include one of Pat's old girlfriends,Sal, and her saloon business. Billy, who is in Silver Creek on business for Tundall,throws in with the self-righteous townswomen in hopes of defeating Claarey before Pat had to face Claarey and his bunch alone. It is a strange but humerous alliance.
36: Death or Taxes
May 27, 1961
A railroad land purchaser named Fallon has secured the right-of- way through town. But he refuses to pay the required taxes and backs up his stand with a gang of gunmen.
37: The Great Western
Jun 3, 1961
Garrett thinks it would be a good idea to clean up the town before territorial governor Lew Wallace arrives. He plans to runout a saloonkeeper named Big Mamacita. Her plans are to stay right where she is.
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