Season 2
Night Gallery
22 EPISODES • 1971
Season 2 of Night Gallery was released on September 15 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 1


1: The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes / Miss Lovecraft Sent Me / The Hand of Borgus Weems / Phantom of What Opera?
Sep 15, 1971
A phenomenally successful young seer suddenly refuses to make further predictions. A vignette about a babysitter and her latest client. A desperate man seeks a surgeon's help when he discovers a presence that controls his right hand. The Phantom of the Opera gets the shock of his life when he menaces a beautiful young singer.
2: A Death in the Family / The Merciful / Class of '99 / Witches' Feast
Sep 22, 1971
Taking refuge in a funeral home, a wounded killer encounters a gentle undertaker with a strange secret. Bricks and mortar figure in a wife's plan to end her husband's suffering. A graduating class of the future takes a particularly revealing final exam. A brief incantation in verse while a coven hungrily awaits an overdue member.
3: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay / With Apologies to Mr. Hyde / The Flip-Side of Satan
Sep 29, 1971
A college professor suspects that his visiting aunt is an ancient witch--with designs on inhabiting his wife's body. Dr. Jekyll tries out a new potion. A callous disc jockey is offered up as a hellish sacrifice at a deserted radio station.
4: A Fear of Spiders / Junior / Marmalade Wine / The Academy
Oct 6, 1971
An arachnophobic gourmet columnist seeks help from a woman he spurned when he discovers a hairy, and obstinate, little guest crawling in his kitchen sink. A mother and father learn the hardships of parenting. A careless braggart foolishly exaggerates his meager talents to a crackpot surgeon. A widower investigates an unusually strict military academy for his delinquent son.
5: The Phantom Farmhouse / Silent Snow, Secret Snow
Oct 20, 1971
A psychiatrist finds himself falling for a mysterious woman whose last visitor was killed, so police conclude, by wild animals. A boy's fascination with snow begins to draw him into a beautiful fantasy world.
6: A Question of Fear / The Devil Is Not Mocked
Oct 27, 1971
An intrepid mercenary accepts a $15,000 bet to stay overnight in a haunted house. A Nazi general hunting for resistance fighters gets a strangely warm welcome at a Balkan castle.
7: Midnight Never Ends / Brenda
Nov 3, 1971
A motorist and a marine hitchhiker experience an uncanny sensation that they've shared previous experiences. A love story about a friendless teenager and the strange creature she traps in an abandoned quarry.
8: The Diary / A Matter of Semantics / Big Surprise / Professor Peabody's Last Lecture
Nov 10, 1971
A vicious gossip columnist receives a gift diary that appears to write its own fearful entries--before the events occur. Count Dracula visits a blood bank. An eccentric farmer promises a "big surprise" to a group of boys if they dig for it. While debunking ancient cults, an academic unwisely scoffs at the wrong god.
9: House, with Ghost / A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank / Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator / Hell's Bells
Nov 17, 1971
A philandering husband schemes to murder his wife with the aid of a ghost. A thirsty vampire visits a young woman, with disappointing results for him. An unscrupulous medicine man in the Old West promises to heal a poor farmer's dying daughter. A recent initiate is surprised to find that Hell is a little tame for his liking.
10: The Dark Boy / Keep in Touch, We'll Think of Something
Nov 24, 1971
A schoolteacher in a frontier town tries to reach a timid, hauntingly strange fourth grader. A distraught musician asks the police to help him find an elusive woman.
11: Pickman's Model / The Dear Departed / An Act of Chivalry
Dec 1, 1971
A young woman of Victorian Boston finds herself drawn to a reclusive artist obsessed with ghouls. Bad luck follows a phony spiritualist and his assistant's unfaithful wife after an auto accident. A vignette about elevator manners.
12: Cool Air / Camera Obscura / Quoth the Raven
Dec 8, 1971
A haunting love story of a young woman and her late father's colleague, a man clinging desperately to life in a refrigerated apartment. A heartless moneylender gets his just desserts with the help of a client's unusual telescopic device. Edgar Allan Poe receives some unwanted coaching during a bout with writer's block.
13: The Messiah on Mott Street / The Painted Mirror
Dec 15, 1971
Desperate to stay alive for the sake of his nine-year-old grandson, an elderly, near-penniless Jew on the brink of death pins his hopes for salvation on the coming of the Messiah. A mirror reflecting an alien landscape figures into an antique dealer's scheme to rid himself of a hateful business partner.
14: The Different Ones / Tell David... / Logoda's Heads
Dec 29, 1971
In a rigidly conformist future society, an anguished father agrees to send his deformed son to a distant planet. A chance encounter with a strange couple convinces a young woman that she has had a glimpse of the future. Searching for a lost explorer in Africa, British authorities accuse a powerful witch doctor of his murder.
15: Green Fingers / The Funeral / The Tune in Dan's Cafe
Jan 5, 1972
An unscrupulous tycoon takes drastic steps to force an old widow off her land. A vampire plans his belated, lavish -and noisy-final obsequy. A couple stopping at a roadside diner encounter a jukebox that plays only one song, a tune connected with a tragic romance.
16: Lindemann's Catch / The Late Mr. Peddington / A Feast of Blood
Jan 12, 1972
A captured mermaid awakens emotions in a coldhearted sea captain, who desperately seeks a way to keep her alive. A businesslike widow goes shopping for the cheapest funeral she can buy for her husband. A repulsive suitor evens the score with a calculating beauty by presenting her with an unusual gift: a brooch that seems almost alive.
17: The Miracle at Camafeo / The Ghost of Sorworth Place
Jan 19, 1972
An insurance swindler stages a miraculous recovery from his fake paralysis at a Mexican shrine. An American drifter protects a Scottish widow from the specter of her late husband.
18: The Waiting Room / Last Rites for a Dead Druid
Jan 26, 1972
A gunfighter's final reckoning awaits him in a frontier saloon. When a woman buys a statue bearing an uncanny resemblance to her husband, he soon feels the influence of its model: an ancient druid sorcerer.
19: Deliveries in the Rear / Stop Killing Me / Dead Weight
Feb 9, 1972
A ghastly shocker about a surgery instructor unconcerned about the source of his cadavers. Convinced that her husband is trying to worry her to death, a distraught housewife files a complaint with the police. A gangster on the lam engages the services of a compliant exporter.
20: I'll Never Leave You - Ever / There Aren't Any More MacBanes
Feb 16, 1972
The wife of a loathsomely ill farmer decides to force nature's hand with the help of an old crone skilled in the black arts. A sorcery student invokes an ancient spirit to rid himself of a bothersome uncle.
21: The Sins of the Fathers / You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore
Feb 23, 1972
A devastating famine forces a young man to play the part of a sin-eater at a dead man's wake. An abusive couple find that their latest robot maid is developing survival instincts.
22: The Caterpillar / Little Girl Lost
Mar 1, 1972
A bored colonial on a Malaysian plantation employs an exotic accomplice, an earwig, in his gruesome plot to assassinate a romantic rival. Military strategists unwittingly plant the seeds of the apocalypse when they humor a scientific genius unbalanced by his daughter's death.
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