Season 1
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
21 EPISODES • 1985
Season 1 of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was released on September 14 and consists of 21 episodes.


1: A New Beginning
Sep 14, 1985
Calvin meets the Gummi Bears and asks if they will help stop Duke Igthorn from destroying Castle Dunwyn.
2: The Sinister Sculptor
Sep 21, 1985
A sculptor changes all the Gummies except for Gruffi and Grammi into statues with magic dust. Meanwhile, Gruffi and Grammi are frequently fighting and don't want to work together. King Gregor then buys the statues for Princess Calla. So it's up to Gruffi, Grammi and Cavin to turn the others back to normal. Can they do it, or will Gruffi and Grammi's arguing get in the way?
3: Zummi Makes It Hot
Sep 21, 1985
The Gummis are nearly out of Gummiberry juice so Grammi needs to make more, but the spigot is stuck so Zummi, Grammi, Cubbi, and Cavin go to the pumping station to fix the problem. But they discover that the facility is near a maritime boundary that separates Dunwyn and Drekmore – where Duke Igthorn and his ogres live. They only have four bottles of Gummiberry juice left, that's one for each of them. Can they fix the problem and get back home safely to Gummi Glen without being noticed by the ogres?
4: Someday My Prints Will Come
Sep 28, 1985
While exploring an ancient storeroom of the Great Gummis, Tummi discovers a mechanical decoy used to make dragon footprints, but accidentally starts the ignition on the machine and begins bouncing all across the land. The footprints attract a real dragon who proves to be different from the stereotype of large dragons. The knights of Dunwyn also see the machine and think it is a real dragon.
5: Can I Keep Him?
Sep 28, 1985
Zummi gives Cubbi a whistle from his old treasure chest while Sunni is having trouble babysitting Cubbi. The whistle attracts a brine dragon, which takes Sunni and Cubbi on an unexpected adventure to Drekmore Castle.
6: A Gummi in a Gilded Cage
Oct 5, 1985
Sunni is kidnapped by a flock of ugly bird-like creatures known as Carpies, whose king wants her for a song bird. The Gummis (Gruffi, Zummi, and Cubbi) must use their new flying machine to get to the top of the mountain and rescue her, all whiledealing with Zummi's acrophobia and Gruffi's insistence that "Gummis were not meant to fly".
7: The Oracle
Oct 12, 1985
While trying to sneak out of his new diet, Tummi finds a stone ogre oracle and uses it to trick Duke Igthorn and the ogres with it.
8: When You Wish Upon a Stone
Oct 12, 1985
Cavin is having problems with knight training. Cubbi suggests an underground wishing stone could be a big help, but they soon learn the stone is guarded by a mean giant. Cavin and Cubbi must find several different ways to thwart to giant, until Cavin finally realizes being a knight is not always about strength.
9: A Gummi by Any Other Name
Oct 26, 1985
Zummi makes a magic hat for Sunni, which can change her appearance to anyone she wants by speaking that person's name, and Sunni turns herself into Princess Calla to enjoy the comforts of royalty. Coincidentally, the real Princess Calla is kidnapped by Igthorn while going outside Dunwyn's castle walls. When the two princess contestants meet in a Drekmore tower cell, what will happen once the true princess exerts her right of existence?
10: Loopy, Go Home
Nov 2, 1985
Despite Gruffi's objections, Cubbi finds a wolf cub and raises it.
11: A-Hunting We Will Go
Nov 2, 1985
With a vicious wild boar on the loose in Dunwyn Forest, Calla, Sunni and Grammi must warn King Gregor, Sir Tuxford and Cavin.
12: The Fence Sitter
Nov 9, 1985
A bird threatens the Gummiberry bushes and nobody will listen to Cubbi's ideas to get rid of it.
13: Night of the Gargoyle
Nov 9, 1985
Duke Igthorn sends a cursed gargoyle to King Gregor. The gargoyle comes alive at night and starts trying to destroy things – including the king himself.
14: The Secret of the Juice
Nov 23, 1985
Grammi believes it is time to teach another Gummi Bear how to make Gummiberry juice. Sunni is chosen as the most eligible candidate, but is more into fashion and spending time with Calla. The Ogres kidnap Grammi and take her to Castle Drekmore, where Duke Igthorn attempts to coax the recipe for Gummiberry juice from her. When the Gummis go on a rescue mission, they request Sunni to follow and bring some Gummiberry juice, which Sunni does not know how to make because she failed to pay attention to Grammi's lessons.
15: Sweet and Sour Gruffi
Nov 30, 1985
The Gummies try to sweeten Gruffi's sour disposition by magic, but the conditions of the spell they use turn this affair into a two-edged sword.
16: Duel of the Wizards
Nov 30, 1985
The pompous wizard Don Gordo will not accept Zummi's help in finding his missing magic key, so a battle of magic ensues.
17: What You See is Me
Dec 7, 1985
Tummi learns through his new friend, the blind shepherd Trina, that handicapped people are not helpless.
18: Toadie’s Wild Ride
Dec 7, 1985
Duke Igthorn catapults Toadie into the forest, where he accidentally makes his way into Gummi Glen and begins snooping around. When Tummi, who has been caught eating the other bears' picnic lunches and lying about it, sees him, no one believes him when he tries to tell them.
19: Bubble Trouble
Dec 14, 1985
Sunni finds a baby cliff dragon with a hiccup, and a swig of Gummiberry juice only aggravates the problem.
20: Gummi in a Strange Land
Dec 14, 1985
A Slumber Sprite puts Gruffi to sleep, requiring Grammi and Cubbi to trek across hostile terrain to find the sprite and keep Gruffi from suffering nasty accidents.
21: Light Makes Right
Dec 21, 1985
The Gummies find a Gummiscope, a gigantic machine that harnesses sunlight as a means of long-range communication, that could allow them to make contact with the Great Gummis across the ocean – but it can also be used as a weapon, causing Duke Igthorn to use it as a laser-type weapon to force King Gregor into surrender.
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