Season 3
26 EPISODES • 1992
Season 3 of Blossom was released on August 10 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 2


1: Runaway
Aug 10, 1992
Nick wakes up to find that Blossom has run away with Vinnie.
2: Dear Mom
Aug 17, 1992
Blossom writes a letter to her mother about Vinnie.
3: No Cure for Love
Aug 24, 1992
Tony is depressed about splitting up with Rhonda; Blossom is happily in love with Vinnie, until he suggests they should see other people; Joey thinks it is his fault that the girl he split up with was in an accident.
4: What Price Love?
Sep 14, 1992
Joey uses an escort service in an attempt to ease his overactive hormones; Blossom's new romance threatens her friendship with Six.
5: The Joey Chronicles
Sep 21, 1992
Joey has a deadline for a story about himself, but is continually distracted by fantasies about beautiful women; Blossom is upset when Vinnie wants to go out with his ex-girlfriend.
6: Kids
Sep 28, 1992
Blossom decides to have sex with Vinnie, but he refuses; then she learns he is in a coma after a motorcycle accident.
7: Only When I Laugh
Oct 5, 1992
Blossom and Six try to get fake IDs to get into a club; Anthony loses his first patient, an old comedian who left him laughing in the ambulance, and wants to have the funeral at the house.
8: I Killed Chico Barranca
Oct 12, 1992
Blossom and Six are arrested when stolen items turn up in their garage sale; pro-baseball scout Chico Barranca visits Joey to see if he has a future in baseball.
9: All Hallows Eve
Oct 26, 1992
Grounded on Halloween, Joey gets mistaken for a crazed prowler, while Nick, Anthony, and Buzz have their car break down outside a very macho bar -- in costume as a female rock band.
10: The Making of the President
Nov 9, 1992
Blossom runs for president of the student council against popular Eddie Warwick.
11: My Girl
Nov 16, 1992
Blossom records her family on video; Joey becomes suspicious that he was switched at birth.
12: The Frat Party
Nov 23, 1992
Blossom gets drunk on spiked punch at a frat party and wakes up nude in a stranger's bed; Rhonda moves in with Anthony while her apartment is fumigated; Joey gets a gorgeous math tutor.
13: Losing Your ... Religion
Dec 7, 1992
Six considers having sex with her new boyfriend; Blossom's class change religions for a week, so she seeks information about Judaism from a wise, wisecracking rabbi; Joey and Anthony buy an old car together.
14: Ruby
Dec 21, 1992
Blossom is called for a Harvard interview, and Buzz tries to dissuade her from rejecting college to stay with her beau by telling her of his World War-II era romance with her grandmother Ruby.
15: The Last Laugh
Jan 4, 1993
Nick is upset when the stand-up comic he is dating makes fun of him on the Arsenio Hall Show; Joey falls in love with Rhonda's niece; Blossom and Six make a serious video about safe sex that gets a thumbs down from the principal.
16: Time
Jan 11, 1993
Blossom and Six ponder the passage of time; Joey's too nervous to open a college letter of acceptance; Anthony pops the question to Rhonda; Nick learns his date comes with strings attached.
17: Car Wrecks and Marriage
Jan 18, 1993
Six begs Blossom to accompany her on a final practice drive before getting her license; Buzz announces he has gotten married; Joey is visited by two beautiful models, but no one will believe him.
18: Mystery Train
Feb 1, 1993
Nick encounters an old friend; Blossom and Vinnie becomes closer after he asks her to the prom; and Joey and Anthony have a close encounter with a UFO.
19: Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
Feb 8, 1993
Nick tries to keep the kids away from his Disneyland job as an Elvis impersonator; Blossom gets jealous when she sees Vinnie with his cousin.
20: Student Films
Feb 15, 1993
The family gathers to watch the student films they have made through the years.
21: All Dressed Up
Feb 22, 1993
Blossom refuses to attend the senior prom when she learns Vinnie is not a virgin; meanwhile, Joey escorts a pregnant girl.
22: The Thrill is Gone
Mar 1, 1993
Blossom's mother reflects on her breakup with Nick while reading a letter from Blossom that focuses on her broken relationship with Vinnie.
23: You Did What?
Apr 12, 1993
Nick's money problems prompt the kids to help out, but when Blossom applies for a job at a record store, she discovers she has been beaten to the punch by Six. Meanwhile, Joey decides to make a fortune speculating in baseball cards, while Anthony tries to sell cosmetics by phone.
24: Sitcom
May 3, 1993
Nick and a TV-writer buddy pitch a sitcom to the network that's based on the Russo family, only Six gets cast in the role of Blossom.
25: Hunger
May 10, 1993
Joey delivers a pizza to a woman who propositions him; Blossom suspects Six may be bulimic; sudden passion consumes Anthony and an antagonist.
26: Paris
May 17, 1993
Upset over her breakup with Vinnie, Blossom longs to visit her mother in Paris. She gets her wish at the beginning of the next season.
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