Parks and Recreation
11 EPISODES • 2011
Season 0 of Parks and Recreation was released on November 4 and consists of 11 episodes.

Season -1


1: April & Andy's Road Trip: Spider
Nov 4, 2011
See April's intense—and hilarious—bout of arachnophobia.
2: April & Andy's Road Trip: Four Corners
Nov 4, 2011
Watch Andy show April the magical point where four states connect.
3: April & Andy's Road Trip: Calling Leslie
Nov 4, 2011
Hear Leslie's hilarious travel tips for April and Andy.
4: April & Andy's Road Trip: Building A Home
Nov 4, 2011
Watch lovebirds April and Andy discuss the pros and cons of building a house right next to the Grand Canyon.
5: Behind the Road Trip
Nov 4, 2011
Watch Chris Pratt give you the inside scoop on the NBC.com exclusive web series, "Road Trip."
6: Parks and Recreation in Europe: Tourists
Sep 24, 2013
During a trip to London, Leslie and the gang take some time out of their busy schedules to take in the sites.
7: Parks and Recreation in Europe: Ron's Journey
Sep 25, 2013
Leslie gives Ron a treasure hunt for his wedding present, which leads him to the greatest gift of all.
8: Parks and Recreation in Europe: Ron at the Distillery
Sep 25, 2013
Leslie sends Ron on a scavenger hunt across the U.K., leading him to his own personal heaven: his favorite whiskey distillery.
9: Parks and Recreation in Europe: Ron Wants to Buy a House
Sep 25, 2013
After finding his favorite whiskey distillery in Scotland, Ron decides to buy the nearest house to heaven.
10: Parks and Recreation in Europe: Andy at Stonehenge
Sep 25, 2013
During his trip to London, Andy Dwyer visits the legendary Stonehenge.
11: PaleyFest LA: 10th Anniversary Reunion
Mar 21, 2019
Parks and Recreation cast and creators live at PaleyFest 2019, from the Paley Center for Media.
Season 1
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